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Photo: Students from a New Brunswick 2004 Envirothon team get an outdoor lesson.
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2004 Canon Envirothon

Canon Envirothon in Canada
Ontario - 568.50
Manitoba - 531.17
Nova Scotia - 520.77
Prince Edward Island - 495.33
Newfoundland - 473.43
British Columbia - 372.50
New Brunswick - 314.33


2004 Canon Envirothon - Overall Results
July 26 to August 1, Buckhannon, WV USA

First: Florida
Second: Virginia
Third: New Jersey
Fourth: Kentucky
Fifth: North Carolina
Sixth: Pennsylvania
Seventh: Ontario, West Hill Secondary School
Eighth: West Virginia
Ninth: Minnesota
Tenth: North Dakota

Current Issue: Wisconsin
Forestry Station: North Carolina
Soils: New Jersey
Wildlife: Oregon
Aquatics: Florida
Oral Presentation: North Carolina

Dale E. Watermerier Extra Mile Award (Canadian)
West Hill Secondary School, ONTARIO
Team Members: Emily Raynard, Andrew Severs, Andrew Hibina, Carrie Van Dorp and Rachel Herron
Advisors: Carl and Brenda Raynard




Envirothon provides an excellent vehicle for me to encourage students to be involved in environmental studies and activities. This is an excellent program.
Carl Raynard
West Hill Secondary School
Owen Sound ON