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Photo: fungi on a dead maple.
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The Canadian universities listed below offer qualified degrees. As well, community colleges throughout the country offer various forestry programs at the diploma level. Check with your provincial institute of forestry for specific education requirements. For program information and admission requirements, please contact the schools directly or speak with your guidance counselor.

Association of Canadian Forestry Schools (AUFSC)

Université Laval
Faculté de foresterie et de géomatique

University of Toronto
Faculty of Forestry

Université de Moncton à Edmundston
Faculté de foresterie

University of New Brunswick
Faculty of Forestry

University of Northern B.C.
College of Science and Management

University of Alberta
Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

Lakehead University
Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment

University of British Columbia
Faculty of Forestry

University of Alberta
Department of Renewable Resources

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