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National Forest Week is sponsored across Canada by the CFA and regionally by various provincial forestry agencies, corporations, agencies and individuals.

2012 National Forest Week: September 23rd to 29th
Theme: Healthy Forests - Healthy Communities

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Forestry in Canada has evolved over the years to meet society’s changing needs and advancing technologies, embracing new partnerships, markets and applications.

Increasingly, Canada’s forests are valued for not just one purpose -- but many. Agreements are emerging between groups representing social, environmental and economic interests, and forest managers across the country are rising to the challenge. More and more we are seeing the advantages of such collaborative efforts.

Forests are fundamental to our economy, culture, traditions and history - and to our future. Communities, families and individuals depend on forests for their livelihood and way of life.

In Canada, forests provide the economic backbone for many communities across the country. Likewise, the community involvement in forest management ensures that innovative approaches, technologies and tools are used for forest conservation and for the creation of sustainable industries.



Established circa 1920 as Forest Fire Prevention Week, the intention was to encourage greater public awareness towards Canada's forests. At the time, there was no apparent shortage of trees for industrial expansion – the greatest threat came from forest fires, due mainly to human causes.

Since then National Forest Week, as it was renamed in 1967, has evolved to encompass the many and varied human and environmental aspects of Canada's forest resources – past, present and future.

Although special activities are promoted across Canada, National Forest Week remains first and foremost a challenge to individual Canadians to learn more about their forest heritage and support greater recognition of this valuable resource.

National Forest Week is observed annually during the last full week of September, Sunday through Saturday.

How to Participate in National Forest Week
- arrange a tree planting:
- take a walk in woods nearby and get to know your forest
- care for a newly planted or neglected tree, and study its species
- identify all the things at home or school that are made of wood
- learn about organizations that demonstrate sustainable forest management
- tour a forest sector industry or processing site
- learn about the prevention of forest fires
- contact a provincial forestry association for teaching materials

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