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CFA teaching kit series

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The CFA Teaching Kit Series provides educators with the tools to help young people better understand the value of forests and the importance of protecting and conserving them.
Each kit includes detailed lesson plans, practical information on forest issues, and examples of relevant recovery, conservation and stewardship programs. The lessons incorporate interactive, hands-on activities that reflect science and geography based learning outcomes and expectations in Canada’s provincial and territorial curriculum guidelines. They also encourage exploration through language and visual arts, social studies, drama and other subjects.

Volume 1: Canada's Forests — Learning from the Past, Building for the Future

Volume 2: Canada's Forests — A Breath of Fresh Air

Volume 3: Canada's Forests — All Things Big and Small

Volume 4: Canada's Forests — Source of Life

Volume 5: Canada's Forest — A Fine Balance

Volume 6: Canada's Forests and Wetlands — Our Natural Water Filters

Volume 7: The Boreal Forest — A Global Legacy

Volume 8 : Canada's Boreal Forest — Tradition and Transition

User Guide to Teaching Kit Series