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CFA teaching kit series

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Canada’s Forests - Learning from the Past, Building for the Future
Theme: Canada’s Forest Heritage
Grades: Junior to Senior
Format: 32-page
Celebrates Canada's rich forest heritage and the evolution of sustainable forest practices to ensure healthy ecosystems.

Using This Teaching Kit

Forest Heritage Basics

Model Forests in Canada and Around the World

Map: Model Forests

Pre-Lesson Activity 1: Model Forest Crossword

Game: Chutes & Log Jams
• primary/junior students play Chutes and Log Jams (version of Snakes and Ladders)

Lesson 1: Trees in Our Community Past, Present and Future
• primary/junior students investigate how trees have changed at home and in their neighbourhoods (worksheets)

Lesson 2: Forestry Issues Critical Thinking
• junior/intermediate students compare two organizations which signed the 1992 Forest Accord (research)

Lesson 3: Harvesting Timber – Old Ways, New Ways
• primary/junior students investigate forestry then and now (several activities)

Lesson 4: Exploring Canada’s Forests
• junior/intermediate students identify different forest regions of Canada (map and description)

Lesson 5: Creating a Miniature Forest
• primary/junior students make observations and identify parts of a mini forest (outdoor forest mapping activity)

Lesson 6: Forest Values
• junior/intermediate students are introduced to the various ways a forest is valued (handout; summarize factors a forest manager must consider)

Lesson 7: Paper Making – A 2000-Year-Old Art
• junior students investigate the history of paper (construct timeline, write story, make paper)

Lesson 8: Forest-Related Careers
• junior/intermediate students investigate forest-related careers (web diagram-collage and discussion)

Glossary of Terms | Answers to Crossword Puzzle

Volume 1: Canada's Forests: Learning from the Past, Building for the Future