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CFA teaching kit series

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Canada’s Forests - All Things Big and Small

Theme: Biodiversity
Grades: junior to intermediate
Format: 40-page booklet
Looks at biodiversity in Canada's forests by exploring the vast and complex array of life forms comprising the forest environment.

Using This Teaching Kit

Biodiversity Basics

Pre-Lesson Activity 1: Biodiversity Scramble

Pre-Lesson Activity 2: Biodiversity Crossword 

Lesson 1: It’s What’s Inside That Counts
• junior students investigate biodiversity of their school ground (chart, discussion)

Lesson 2: Too Hot… Too Cold… Just Right!
• junior students investigate the effects of climate change on forest animals (role-play using layers of clothing; write story)

Lesson 3: What Our Elders Say...
• junior students look at a Canadian aboriginal legend relating to biodiversity (act out legend)

Lesson 4: Barriers to Biodiversity
• intermediate students look into biodiversity threats to different species (chart, story presentation)

Lesson 5: Off Limits
• intermediate students investigate an officially protected area (create newsletter)

Lesson 6: To Be or Not To Be?
• intermediate students explore species-at-risk designations (create a board game)

Lesson 7: Unwelcome Guests
• intermediate students investigate and make predictions on effect of invasive species (research, handout)

Lesson 8: Timberfind
• intermediate students investigate biotechnology in our forests by conducting crime scene investigations of a stolen Western Red Cedar (handouts)

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Volume 3: Canada’s Forests - All Things Big and Small