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CFA teaching kit series

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Volume 4:
Canada’s Forests - Source of Life

Theme: Forest Sustainability
Grades: 4 to 7
Formats: 48-page booklet
Learn how Canada manages its forest resources to ensure economic viability, long-term sustainability and healthy ecosystems.

Using This Teaching Kit

Introduction to Sustainable Forests in Canada

Pre-Lesson Activity 1: Sustainable Forests Word Search

Pre-Lesson Activity 2: Searching for Signs of Sustainability

Lesson 1: The As and Qs of Forest Biodiversity
• junior students investigate factors affecting biodiversity (create and answer questions in quiz-show format)

Lesson 2: Diseases, Pests and Fires, Oh My!
• junior students gather information on negative effects on biodiversity in a forest (tags set out by teacher ahead of time; students record in chart)

Lesson 3: What Wood I See?
• junior students complete classroom and home inventory of wood products (chart, newspaper article)

Lesson 4: Shifting Boundaries
• intermediate students predict future forest boundaries using climate maps (map, presentation)

Lesson 5: Forest Connections – First Nations and the Forest
• junior students investigate how different tribes view forests (research, presentation)

Lesson 6: Water, Water Everywhere!
• intermediate students investigate how water is filtered (detailed experiment)

Lesson 7: Urban Trees for a Greener School
• junior students complete an inventory of school yard trees and an analysis of use, needs for future action (chart, map)

Lesson 8: And The Award Goes To…
• intermediate students investigate forest companies/organizations that exhibit innovative practices (research, class selection of award recipient)

Glossary of Terms

Quiz Answers

Volume 4: Canada’s Forests - Source of Life

Volumen 4: Les bosques de Canadá - Fuente de vida [Spanish]