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CFA teaching kit series

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Volume 5:
Canada’s Forests – A Fine Balance

Theme: Species at Risk
Grades: 4 to 12
Formats: 44-page booklet
Learn how the loss of natural forest areas can cause a decline in wildlife habitat and the acceleration of species being at risk.

Using This Teaching Kit

Species at Risk in Canada

Species at Risk Teaching Resources

Lesson 1: Acting Out for Species at Risk
• junior students investigate a species-at-risk (research, create public television announcement)

Lesson 2: Surveying Species at Risk
• junior students find out what people know about species-at-risk (create and conduct survey, summarize results)

Lesson 3: Shrinking Habitat — Share the Space
• junior students investigate the effect of introduced threats and habitat loss on species-at-risk (create a forest in the classroom and then create a graphic of changes experienced by their chosen species)

Lesson 4: Predicting: What If?
• intermediate students investigate the future of a species-at-risk (research and make predictions)

Lesson 5: Recover Me!
• intermediate students investigate recovery programs for species-at-risk (research, create proposal and budget report)

Lesson 6: Live! With SARA
• intermediate and senior students investigate various perspectives on the Species At Risk Act - wildlife biologist, forester, NGO member (talk show group presentation)

Lesson 7: Species and Spaces: At Risk, At Home
• senior students investigate factors affecting a species-at-risk (research a species and its eco-region)

Lesson 8: What’s the Big Deal?
• intermediate and senior students investigate the value of an at-risk species (research, create brochure)

Lesson 9: Balancing the Cost of Protected Areas
• 8intermediate and senior students investigate the cost of setting aside a protected area (create a report)

Glossary of Terms

Volume 5: Canada’s Forests – A Fine Balance