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CFA teaching kit series

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Volume 6:
Canada's Forest and Wetlands — Our Natural Water Filters

Theme: Forests and Water
Grades: 5 to 18
Formats: 40-page booklet
Volume 6 explores forest, wetland and water issues in Canada and around the world.

Using This Teaching Kit

Canada's Forests, Wetlands and Freshwater 

Canada's Forests and Wetlands Teaching Resources

Lesson 1: Forest Flora and Fauna
• primary students learn about forest and water flora and fauna (creating items and placing them on a mural)

Lesson 2: All Systems Go!
• primary students compare how a forest is a system (action songs, puzzle)

Lesson 3: What's Your Perspective?
• intermediate students in groups rank the importance and impact of various concepts depending on their perspective – e.g. farmer, fisher, campground owner etc. (discuss and complete worksheet, present perspective)

Lesson 4: Changes and Choices
• junior/intermediate students consider whether or not to expand a highway using various perspectives (group role-play presentation)

Lesson 5: Creating a Forest Code of Conduct
• junior/intermediate/senior students create guidelines for various groups to consider when spending time in forests and wetlands (code of conduct can be created in form of letter, poster or time capsule item)

Lesson 6: Trees, Water and Peace
• senior students analyze why the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for planting trees (analysis of Wangari Maathai’s acceptance speech; creation of thought web or flow chart, or ballad, poem or paragraph)

Lesson 7: What Water Source is Best?
• senior students investigate aquifers, wells and rivers in terms of cost and other factors (Internet research, short recommendation report)

Lesson 8: Tell Me a Story
• intermediate/senior students teach younger students about forests and freshwater (create an illustrated children’s book or play; possible topics: well-known people who have fought to conserve water and forest resources, threats to our forests and freshwater, Canada’s Heritage River Systems)

Glossary of Terms

Volume 6: Canada's Forests and Wetlands — Our Natural Water Filters