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CFA teaching kit series

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Volume 7:
The Boreal Forest – A Global Legacy

Theme: The Boreal Forest
Ages: 5 to 16
Formats: 48-page booklet
Volume 7 explores the unique natural wealth of Canada's boreal forest.

Using This Teaching Kit

The Boreal Forest – A Global Legacy

Canada's Boreal Forest Teaching Resources

Lesson 1: Following the Caribou
• intermediate students examine the eight life cycle seasons of the Porcupine boreal caribou herd (mapping and answering questions, some involving math).

Lesson 2: Boreal Medicine and More
• intermediate students who are lost in the boreal investigate the uses of non-timber boreal forest products (botanicals) that can help them survive (research answers from a downloaded fact sheet, discussion and paragraph)

Lesson 3: Boreal Superheroes
• junior students investigate two super-adapted boreal species, discovering the forest’s climate and geography at the same time (three worksheets with word and picture questions)

Lesson 4: B is for Boreal
• primary students learn about boreal plants and animals, looking at some in a new light (match pictures with names, and answer questions)

Lesson 5: The Canadian Boreal - A World Heritage Site?
• senior students analyze the criteria for awarding World Heritage Sites with regard to a proposed area of Canadian boreal (Internet-based research, report)

Lesson 6: Boreal 101
• junior students in groups or pairs learn about all the ways the boreal is valued, from spirituality to economics to recreation (cut out, match up and paste descriptions under correct headings)

Lesson 7: Fire: Agent of Change
• senior students investigate the value of natural fire and why prescribed burns are conducted (Internet research, group activity to plan a prescribed burn)

Lesson 8: Boreal Footprints
• primary students bring to life interactions of various predators and prey of the boreal forest (create paint stamps of animal footprints, create story pictures)

Glossary of Terms

Volume 7: The Boreal Forest – A Global Legacy